NADKC - Western Region

December 13, 2019


Training Tips

Here you will find links to previous articles on training from Randy Blanchard (and maybe some other tips to boot).


2018 Training Articles
Be honest with your dog (July) Importance of cueing (July) Dogs & Hot Weather (Aug)
Why We Hunt (Aug) (Sept) (Sept)
(Oct) (N0v) (Dec)
2017 Training Articles
Derby-101 (Apr) (May) (Jun)
(Jul) (Aug) (Sept)
(Oct) (N0v) (Dec)
2016 Training Articles
No article for Jan. Dangers of Ice and Cold Water
Doing it Right:
Identifying training mistakes
Derby Time (Apr) No Article (May) Derby and Solms training weekend (Jun)
No Article (Jul) WR Training Clinic (Aug) (Sept)
(Oct) (N0v) (Dec)
2015 Training Articles
Charting for Success
So You've got a Problem
Blind Water Retrieves
Training for the SOLMS (Apr) The E-Collars, Uses and Abuses (May) Continuation -
E-Collars, Uses & Abuses
Part 3-E-Collars, Uses & Abuses (Jul) Effective problem solving:"
Opportunity knocks (Oct)
Obedience, It's all about respect
2014 Training Articles
No article for Jan. The Importance of a Force Program and When to apply it (Feb) The Wonderful world of Marking (Mar)
Working with the Deutsch-Kurzhaar in Germany (Apr) Starting the blind water retrieve (May) “Sink or Swim”
Teaching the Blind Water Retriever
Blind Water Retrieves Start small, work big
Drop and Shake
(Thinking outside the box)
No article for Sept.
“Bad Dog, You’re cheating!”
No article for Nov. Training Tips - Bad Dog, You're Cheating