NADKC - Western Region

December 13, 2019

Archived Special Articles

VGP Articles

VGP 101 Part 1 - An Overview
VGP 101 Part 2 - Making a Plan
VGP 101 Part 3 - Obedience
VGP 101 Part 4 - Fox Work and Retrieving
VGP 101 Part 5 - The Forest
VGP 101 Part 6 - Blood Tracking

Miscellaneous Articles

Big Bore Shotguns
Edie & Artu Adventure to a VGP Prize 1
Hunting with Ziggy by Randall Cherry
My Story by Guido Dei
Part 1 - Judging with the Germans by Jörg Kaltenegger
Part_2 -_The_Zuchtschau
The Importance of the Solms for DK breeding by Albrecht Keil, Dipperz Germany
Incident Review Committee
Purina 5 ways to Train Dogs Safely in the Summer
DKV Invokes Sanctions on NADKC
Clay Pigeon Shoot
Solms Training Well Received
Mastering the Water Blind by Jeff Martin
Utah SOLMS Sept 7 & 8 by Tyler Smith
Judges and Judging