NADKC - Western Region

October 20, 2018

Message from the Director

Western Region Members,

As the 2018 Western Region Testing Season wraps up the Board of Directors are looking forward to 2019. We are asking that each member do the same. Please notify the Board of your testing needs for 2019. We need to know:

On September 29th we will have a Solms/Zuchtschau in Walla Walla, WA. Frank O’Leary is the Test Coordinator for this event. Frank can be reached at 509-520-7483. Judges for this test are Test Director John Calandra; Jeff Martin, Senior Judge; and Mark Peasley.

Once we have this information we will develop the 2019 WR Testing Schedule. The Board will do its best to schedule tests where we have the best concentration to dogs for each test. If each of you provides the information that we need you have the best chance to have the desired tests near to our location. Remember, in order to schedule a test at any location we need to know:

Please provide the requested information to me as soon as possible.

October 11th – 13th the Dr. Kleemann Prüfung will take place in Viöl, Germany. Hosted by Klub Kurzhaar Schleswig/Holstein. Hubertus Kreiger, who has judged for us here in the Western Region, is President of the Klub Kurzhaar Schleswig- Holstein. There will be a representative delegation from North America. Francois Aldrich will be judging in both the Zuchtschau and the Field & Water work. Jim Deppen and Frank & Marianne O’Leary will have dogs participating in the KS. We will have pictures and news from the event for the next issue of the WR Newsletter.

With hunting season around the corner, I am sure everyone is getting their dogs ready, and their selves. We hope everyone has a good and safe season.

Best Regards,
Frank O'Leary
Western Regional Director
foleary7 at gmail dot com