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November 12, 2019

IKP Success a Family Affair for the Hensel’s

Holger has been kind enough to share some thoughts about Ede and his IKP success. The story has been translated and hopefully accurately reflects what Holger had to share with us.

Ede vom Ährenfeld is one of the last pure Hege- Haus bred dogs. He comes from the mating of Nadja KS von den Donau-Wirbeln and Frisko from Thüringer Zipfel.

Ede was a very wild and rambunctious young dog with a lot of forward urgency making his training not always easy. Quite the contrary, this male, from our kennel, sometimes brought me to my limits. Nevertheless, he has completed a perfect examination career. Including Derby Prize1, Solms Prize1 (4h Pointing), HN, VGP Prize1 (325 pts), IKP Prize1 (4h Search). Ede has HD A2 hips and is OCD Free.

His accomplishments in the Zuchtschau have been equally impressive. In the Jugendklasse (Junior Class) twice he was the Sg1 RÜde. In the Altersklasse (Adult Class) he was the V1 RÜde at Klub Westfalen this summer. His V1 evaluation was confirmed at the IKP, on October 10th, when he was named the V1 Rüde. At the IKP 225 dogs entered, 198 started the examination, of which 81 were Rüde. The IKP was very special for our family as my daughter Lotta lead Ede in the Zuchtschau and I handle the field and water duties. For Lotta this was her second dog to lead at a major Prüfung. Last year at the Kleemann Lotta lead the V1 female, Maggie KS vom Trocken Bach in the Zuchtschau.

We are very proud to have bred, raised, trained, and presented Ede during his education.

Currently, in our Zwinger we have Quattro KS vom Riverwoods, Katy vom Riverwoods and Teckel Debby from the Garden of Eden.

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