NADKC - Western Region

April 21, 2018

Message from the Director

Western Region Members,

April signals the start of the testing season in the Western Region. Our first test will be the Derby/Zuchtschau in Cedar Fort, Utah. Tyler Smith will be the test Coordinator for the event which has attracted a full field for two days of testing. The next Derby/Zuchtschau will be in Walla Walla, WA on May 12th. As of this writing we are one dog short of a full test.

The NADKC 25th Annual Meeting will take place April 12th – 15th, in Lake Geneva, WI. This silver anniversary event should be special and we encourage all who can to attend. Later in this publication there is additional information about the event.

The DKV has finalized the translation of the new breeding regulations. There are a number of changes and we encourage breeders to read the regulations completely. The regulations are attached later in this publication.

The JGHV has distributed new testing regulations. The regulations can be read by clicking here. It is important to be familiar with the changes prior to participating in a VJP, HZP, or a VGP.

With the the start of the Western Region Testing Schedule there are some important dates to keep in mind:

You will notice that the entries deadline for all of test are three weeks prior to the test. This is to comply with sanctions that have been Uschka imgimposed on the NADKC by the DKV Director of Testing. These deadlines will be adhered to, please enter on time. Beginning with the May Derbies there will be a late fee of one-and one half times the entry fee for entries received inside the three week period. If the entry is received so late that it cannot be transmitted to Germany and approved by the DKV Director of Testing, you will not be able to run the dog.

We hope to see you in April at Cedar Fort or in May at Walla Walla.

Best Regards,
Frank O'Leary
Western Regional Director
foleary7 at gmail dot com