NADKC - Western Region

December 11, 2017

Message from the Director

Western Region Members,

Well, the holiday season has begun. Thanksgiving is over, hunting season is in full swing for most of our members and the testing season has concluded. To those of you who participated in the WR tests this year we thank you and hope that your experience was both pleasurable and successful. Every effort was made to ensure both.

This time of year is busy for the Western Region Board of Directors. Test dates for the 2017 Test Schedule has been establish for next year. There will be spring and fall tests in Utah and Washington.

Nomination for Position #1 closed with no challengers to the incumbent being put forth. Therefore, Joe Furia will serve an additional three year term.

Congratulations to the winners of the WR Annual Raffle. This year there were two winners, with the first person drawn having their choice of the prizes. Summer Swart, of Kooskia, ID, was the first name out of the bowl. Summer purchased her ticket from her sister-in-law, Andrea Mahorney. The second ticket drawn belongs to Frank & Marianne O’Leary from Walla Walla, WA. Frank & Marianne and two of their hunting companions will enjoy the Hunt Oregon Upland Bird Hunt. Hunt Oregon, LLC, has graciously donated the upland bird hunt for four people, for three days, and four nights.

A special thanks goes to all the WR members and friends that sold the tickets. Listed in order of the number of tickets sold they are: Frank O’Leary; Andrea Mahorney;Bill Coylar;Randall Cherry; Barry Wild; Wayne Touve; Marianne O’Leary; Joe Furia; Jeff Martin; Dan Courey; Steven Hurt; Hagen Kruger; Ralph Martinez; John Metcalfe; Jerry Review; Byron Smith; Ron Tokar; Don Evanson; Gil Dueck; Thomas Konchar; and John Michael Deszez. Thanks to each of the aforementioned for helping to fund the WR for another year.

We hope your hunting season is going well and your dogs are working perfectly. Hopefully you are finding birds; we actually are finding good numbers here in Walla Walla.

Frank O'Leary
Western Regional Director
foleary7 at gmail dot com