NADKC - Western Region

May 26, 2019


by Frank O'Leary

The Western Region Spring Testing season gets under way on May 11th Derby in Walla Walla, WA. Jeff Martin, Jörg Kaltenegger, and Todd Synoground will be the Judging Team. In conjunction with the Derby we will be holding a Zuchtschau. We are fortunate to have not one but two Spezialzuchtrichter (SZR) to evaluate the dogs. Both Jeff Martin and Jörg Kaltenegger received their SRZ credentials at the 2016 Annual Meeting in Walla Walla. There are only four Spezialzuchtrichter in all of North America. The opportunity to receive the SZR credentials was made possible by the hard work of Christine Hammerer to coordinate the examination and the willingness of Michael Hammerer and Gerd Schad to travel to Walla Walla and administer the test to the candidates.

The Western Region will be holding a Fall Test in Conrad, MT, on September 19th – 22nd. The 19th and 20th we will have a VGP. The Judging Team will be Jeff Martin (Test Director), Mark Peasley, and James Seidl. At this time there is one spot available in the VGP. On September 21st – 22nd we will hold a Solms/AZP/Zuchtschau. The Judging Team will be Jörg Kaltenegger (Test Director), Mark Peasley, and James Seidl. As of this writing there is one spot available in the Solms/AZP. For additional information please contact Jerry Riewer, Test Coordinator, at 406-450-1214 or at

Best to luck to all as you prepare for the Spring and Fall Tests. In Walla Walla we finally are having some days that resemble spring. The sun has been out and the weather is warming up.

BBest Regards
Frank O′Leary
Western Regional Director
509-520-7483 or foleary7 at gmail dot com