NADKC - Western Region

October 23, 2019


Western Region Members

The Western Region held a VGP, in Condor, MT, on September 19th – 20th and a SOLMS/AZP/Zuchtschau on September 21st. The Test was certainly well received by the Judges and the participants. Test Coordinator Jerry Riewer did a great job organizing the test, securing the test grounds, and hosting the Leaders and Judges. Thank you to Jerry, the Leaders, and the Judges. There is an article about the test in this publication.

On November 9th, in Denair, CA, the WR will be holding a Solms/AZPDenver Hodges is the test coordinator and can be reached at 209-485-0987 or at At this time there is still room in this test for additional dogs.

Also included in this publication is a request from the WR Board of Directors about the 2020 WR testing schedule. Please provide your information as soon as possible. The new WR Director will not be in place before our date request must be submitted so we are asking for your input to develop the best schedule possible.

The schedule for the 2019 NADKC Elections has been established by the NADKC Board of Directors. Nominations for Western Regional Director, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, NADKC Secretary, and NADKC Vice-President opened on October 1st. I would encourage anyone interested in being the Western Regional Director to seek nomination.

Best Regards
Frank O′Leary
Western Regional Director
509-520-7483 or foleary7 at gmail dot com